Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holiday Weekend and Countertop Decisions

I can't believe it is already Wednesday but I absolutely cannot WAIT for the long weekend. I am so looking forward to having an extra day off from work that I almost can't stand it. In fact I think I will be taking the day off on Friday to give myself 4 full days of relaxation and fun. Not to mention this will be the first full weekend I get to spend with Erik since February and we get to go to a wedding together (this is where you can picture me with a big smile doing a little happy dance--weddings are always fun and I love the thought of spending a full weekend with my boy).

Yay! Let the summer begin!

In terms of cottage updates there hasn't been too much to speak of. I am in the process of trying to decide whether I should replace my kitchen counter tops or not. My parents just got new quartz counters at their house in St. Louis and my mom told me she would save her old laminate toppers for me if I wanted. My brother went to spend time with her at Mother's Day and brought back a piece for me to test out and see how I felt.

Current Countertops

Sample countertop from my mom's kitchen
What do you think? The laminate counter tops would be a slight upgrade on what I have now but would require a significant amount of effort to a) transport all the way from St. Louis, and b) cut to fit my existing counter space. Would it be worth the time, effort, and money to do this or should I just leave the counters be for the time being?

Such difficult decisions...

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