Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Girl

It's Valentine's Day! And to show my love for my honey he is getting "Hey Girl'ed." You know those "Hey Girl" memes with pictures of Ryan Gosling saying things like "Hey Girl. I hope your sewing table is pretty sturdy?" Well, if you have no idea what I am talking about then you should definitely Google it--we're talking hilarious! Taking the "Hey Girl" meme a step further, the ladies over at  View Along the Way, Decor and the Dog, Two Twenty One, and Bliss Ranch decided to have a link party where readers shared their own version of the "Hey Girl" meme featuring their significant others. Obviously I had to participate so I created some "Hey Girls" featuring my one and only. I mean what else says love than a sexy photo of your man saying sweet things (even if those things exist entirely in your head)?

So, without further ado (and permission from my boyfriend who is such a good sport) here is Erik in all of his "Hey Girl" glory:

Are you dying? I'm dying--I love this man so much! I'm so lucky he is my Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Update

So it's been almost two years since  I closed on my house (February 11, 2011)--whoa, right? And although I am most definitely not the most dedicated blogger in the world, I thought I would try to bring those of you who might be interested up to speed on the happenings in my little world over the last few months.

This past fall and holiday season turned out to be very busy with some expected and some unexpected travel. My mom and I took a fantastic trip together to Arizona and were able to explore Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. It was an unforgettable trip that I will cherish always for the time I got to spend with my mom.
The Grand Canyon

Mom and I at the South Rim
No sooner had I come down from the highs of a fun vacation when tragedy struck my family. The Monday before Thanksgiving my grandmother (on my mother's side) passed away very unexpectedly while my mom was vacationing at our family beach house. We aren't completely sure of the cause of death, but we think it may have been a heart attack. It was very shocking and devastating to lose her so suddenly especially so close to the holidays. Despite the circumstances, our family pulled together and we all pitched in to make Thanksgiving dinner and give thanks for my grandmother's life and her role in shaping all of us. She will definitely be missed--I know I think of her on an almost daily basis in one way or another.

My grandmother when she and my grandfather first married
With both of my grandmothers passing away in 2012 (within 7 months of each other) Christmas was a different affair, but my family got through with spending time together at my parent's house in St. Louis. My nephew was a bright spot of constant entertainment--especially when Uncle Andrew decided to show him how to use a whoopee cushion.

So that brings us up to this past month of January. Erik and I both had birthdays--he turned 33 on Jan 19th and I turned 31 on Jan 21st--and we had a great time celebrating with family and friends.

Birthdays 31 and 33!
Overall, I have been feeling pretty good about the year so far, I have really been hitting the gym and trying to stay healthy. I'm hoping I'll have some more good motivation soon (engagement ring? wedding dress shopping? hint, hint. wink, wink). I don't have any major plans for the house this year because that would require something we call money which I don't have any extra of at this moment but hey, I could win the lottery or something so there is that (chuckle, chuckle). But seriously, I have been checking on the HGTV website on the regular for shows that are filming in Atlanta for backyard makeovers so if anyone hears of one please let me know!

That's about it for my-life-to-date. I'll try to have some posts coming in the future--especially on my favorite new project. Can we say Little Free Library?? : )