Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Master of Deception

I always have to laugh when people come to visit my new house and one of the first things they say is “Wow, it looks like you’ve lived here forever”! That is because I am a master deceiver my friends.

You see, the key to being a master of deception is to shove everything you don’t have a place for in a) a cabinet, b) a closet, or c) under the bed. I think every 10 year old probably knows this and I am here to say that this 29 year old is still a faithful follower of this principle.

And it’s not that I don’t like organization or that if you open my closets a mountain of stuff will fall out on you. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am the exact opposite. I love order and organizing and putting things in their place. It’s just that when you are living on your own and working full time finding the time (and desire) to organize becomes a challenge.

But yesterday I am proud to say that I finally mustered up the energy to organize my kitchen cabinets. You see when I moved in 3 months ago I was in such a hurry to get stuff in the house and put away that I didn’t really care where anything went in my kitchen just so long as it was out of boxes and off of the floor. My mom was helping me with the project and she did the best she could with my frazzled, short responses of “I don’t care” to her questions of “where do you want this”? And it was true—I really didn’t care because I knew I would probably just go back and reorganize everything later. I didn’t think later would be 3 months later but c’est la vie.

So now, all the spices are in one place next to the stove (yes, I made a list of all the spices in my cabinet and posted it on the inside of the door).

All of the baking supplies and cooking oils are united.

And all of the dry foods and canned goods are happily side by side.

Ahhhh. Organization is a beautiful thing I tell you.

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