Friday, May 20, 2011

That Retro-Modern-Cottage-y Feeling

One of the best things about owning my own home is that I have full creative reign on my décor. It has been so nice to create spaces that I love and not have to worry about anyone else’s opinions. Of course it can also be challenging at times too because the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and sometimes it’s nice to get some feedback and I am always interested in hearing my friends’ opinions when they stop by for a visit.

I’ve tried to figure out if I have a particular “style” when it comes to my decorating but I don’t think I really do. If I had to put a label on it I would say it probably wavers along the line of retro-modern-cottage-y which sounds totally contradictory in a lot of ways. Basically I’ve just tried to work with the things I love (for example my modern couch and my retro dishes) to create a feminine but modern look for the house. I didn’t want it to be too girly but even if it has turned out that way who cares? I am a girl after all.

In the process of decorating I have really tried to upgrade what I am putting on my walls. The days of posters in plastic frames has passed I’m afraid and it’s time to be a little more grown up with my art decisions. I have tried to take my time in making these important decisions because I want to find things I truly love and that are meaningful. Of course my budget these days won’t allow me to purchase any one-of-a-kind art pieces but framed prints seem to do the trick for now. For example I found this print on Etsy called “Bursting With Love” that has really captured how I have felt this spring (the new home purchase, my new man, etc):

I picked up this print at one of my favorite stores in Atlanta, Young Blood, because I loved the colors and the retro look (and who doesn't love a little "Home Sweet Home" artwork in their first house):

Getting a little creative, I made this artwork to hang on the walls in my dining room (all it took was some cheap frames from Ikea and a couple sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael’s):

I still have a ways to go in terms of decorating the walls of the house (both bedrooms are sorely lacking any type of visual wall interest) but it is one area of new homeownership where I am okay being patient. Currently I have been on the lookout for a wall clock to hang in the dining room. Here are some of my top choices so far (all from Etsy of couse):

This one is probably the front runner so far

Im thinking this one may be a bit too retro...

This one kind of reminds me of Salvador Dali whose work I love

I think all of them capture my retro-modern-cottage-y style and (most importantly) they are all within my budget. Im still not quite sure which I like better so if you have an opinion please let me know!

**On a side note, after browsing through the retro/vintage clock selection on Etsy I think I could become a crazy clock lady. There are so many fun and interesting clocks out there. Check out some of these awesome examples:

Would love this for my kitchen

Retro Clue Game Clock--absolutely adore!

This one would be super cute for a kids room

If I had the money this Keith Moore clock would be the first pick for
my dining roombut $200 for a clock? I just cannot justify that.
 Would it be too weird to have a wall clock hanging in every room of the house?  I mean how can you resist with options like these??

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  1. I like the clock in the middle of the first set of pictures, the one you think might be too retro. After watching countless hours of HGTV and hearing designers come up with their own styles, we decided to call ours "Traditional Comfort." Warm tones, classic and timeless pieces, and rooms you can actually live in. Who wants a room no one is allowed to sit in?! PS LOVE how the house is coming along!