Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update

I left for the weekend with a to-do list a mile long and while I didn’t get everything I intended to get done accomplished, I am pretty pleased with the things I did get done. So without further ado I give you some photos of the dining room chairs I re-covered.

Chairs Before
Chairs After

And here is the shelf I painted:


It was in pretty rough shape
After--a crisp and clean white
Now for the interesting story about how I came across this shelf. I’ve already mentioned that I really love going to thrift stores and finding great deals. Well, I found this shelf at my local Value Village for a whopping $8. I thought it was really cute at the time and with a little paint would be perfect for a hallway or entryway (this was about a year ago before I had bought my current house).

As I was prepping the shelf for painting this weekend I noticed that there was a Pottery Barn sticker on the back. Out of curiosity I decided to look up the shelf on the Pottery Barn website and lo and behold I found that it is still available for purchase. The retail price? $229!! I couldn’t believe it! Makes that $8 I spent at Value Village so much sweeter.

Did I mention that I love thrifting??

Samantha Entryway Collection from Pottery Barn

My Value Village steal

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