Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before and After: Paint

It's everyone's favorite--Before and After photo time! Although I almost hesitate to post these simply because I am nowhere near finished decorating. I am still waiting on the couch for the living room and I want to buy new rugs, lamps, a coffee table, drapes, and the list goes on. I also haven't tried to hang anything on the walls yet so yeah, these pictures are simply to document and say goodbye to the crazy array of colors that existed prior to my arrival.

Enjoy the show!


The dining room. Yep--that's hot pink and chocolate brown.

Living room--guess I'm a bit more traditional

Kitchen in my fav color--red!


Guest Room--now a welcoming and happy yellow

Master Bedroom featuring Jezebel the Cat

Bathroom. I think my color matches the tile a bit better.

So there you have it! I didn't take photos of the office or the laundry room because, well, they're an office and a laundry room and both are chock full of stuff right now. I'll post more photos as I decorate and hang things etc. I've got some really awesome hand made pieces I bought off etsy that I'm super excited about and also some furniture that needs to be painted (both dressers shown in the guest room are just crying for a makeover). Lots to keep busy with and I'm loving it!

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