Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Friendly Encounter

I happened to run into the PN this afternoon and we had what I think is the first real non-parking conversation since I moved in. She was going out as I was going in and she said hello and told me that she just thought my yard was looking really great. I said thanks and we then started chatting about yards and how much work they are, etc. Then she says, "You know we can be neighbors and be friendly. I know for a little while it seemed like every time I saw you I was mad." I was a little taken aback but grateful that she was finally being nice. So I said "Yeah, I really wasn't trying to be a pain or anything it was just kind of crazy there for awhile while I was trying to move." Then she introduced herself to me (I already knew her name) and she asked me my name (I had introduced myself back in February but I guess she forgot).

We chatted a bit more and I told her I was having my sister's baby shower next weekend but that I had made sure to tell all my guests to park away from the house. That's when she said she would be out of town for the weekend and I could use the entire driveway if I needed to on Saturday (there is a god!). She also said that we should keep each other posted on when we would be going out of town and things of that nature so that we could both plan and share the driveway (which I  had proposed when I first met her in February but she was too preoccupied about me blocking her in to hear it).

So I'm hoping that this is going to be the beginning of a friendship rather than a continuous civil war. I can't really tell for sure but perhaps there is a nice and understanding person in there somewhere. I know if she gets to know me she will see that I am a smart person and would never do anything to intentionally piss anyone off--anyone who knows me will tell you I hate conflict.

Doth my eyes deceive me or have I just witnessed an olive branch offering?

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