Monday, March 7, 2011

The Waiting Game

I think I have established in the last few posts that I am a pretty patient person (waiting for a ring, waiting for a house, etc). So what is the latest thing that I am waiting for?

My new couch.

My new couch--only picture it in a cappuchino color.

When I bought the Cottage I decided it was finally time to graduate from the futon I'd been using as a couch since grad school to a big girl couch with real cushions and everything. This purchase was very exciting for me because not only would it be the first piece of furniture I would buy for my new house but it would also be the first new piece of furniture I'd ever purchased in my life. Yep that's right--all of the furniture you will see in photos of my house was either bought used or came from my parent's basement.

One thing people will notice about me is that I'm not much of a browser. This was a sticking point with my ex because he would literally wait for years to buy something--constantly researching it, reading reviews, mulling it over, etc. I, on the other hand, am pretty impulsive and may or may not check  reviews before I buy something--usually I am going off the advice of others (mom, friends, and the like) or I'll just see a great deal and snatch it up. I will admit I have gotten into trouble with a few impulsive purchases in the past, but I've generally had good luck and for most big purchases I will do a little homework before I buy.

*On a side note--as I write this I have to laugh because being impulsive and being patient don't really fit together. Maybe I am an impulsive buyer to compromise for the fact that I have to wait for so much else? Or maybe I am only patient with the things I know I have to be patient for...

But I digress.

So being the non-browser I am, my couch search pretty much took place between 3 stores--The Dump in Atlanta (way too overpriced despite their commercials advertising rock bottom prices), Ashley Furniture, and Macy's. I spent less than 60 minutes in each store and ended up getting a great deal on a fun modern-looking couch at a Macy's one day sale. It was exactly what I had been looking for and the price was excellent. I was stoked--until I got to the check out. The couch was out of stock and would have to be special ordered. Estimated wait time: 1-4 months! Ugh.

I went ahead and bought it with the hope that it would come in a month. That was at the beginning of February. Well, it's been a month now and no couch. I checked with Macy's on Friday and they said the estimated delivery date is April 9th. Boo. I had really, really hoped I would have the couch by April 1st because I am throwing a baby shower for my sister at my house and it will be the first time many of my family and friends will be seeing my new digs. I would have liked the extra seating but alas, I am at the mercy of Macy's warehouse and can only keep my fingers crossed that the couch is delivered earlier than scheduled.

Thus the waiting continues and I am forced to be patient once again. <sigh>

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