Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Rug!

I love the hardwood floors in my new house but nothing warms up a room like a nice rug. So, to make my living and dining room a bit cozier I've been keeping my eyes peeled for cool rugs that are decently priced. I say decently priced because if you've ever shopped for rugs you know they are Ex-pen-sive!

I've mostly been looking online at places like and World Market. Both places have some really pretty rugs that would be beautiful in my house but of course everything I really like is $200+. Ouch. I'm just not ready to spend that kind of money on rugs--not when there are so many other important projects to take care of around the house.

That being said, I was pretty amazed when I found *the perfect* rug for my living room at Tar-jay for only $60! The colors match what I am going for in the living room perfectly and I think it's gonna look great when I get my new couch (Macy's is still saying April 9th for delivery--ugh). It's also made of pretty durable material--similar to sisal or jute--so I think it will hold up well with all the foot traffic that goes through that room.

So yay for good bargains! Now to work on getting some matching lamps and a new coffee table...

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