Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The List

Today I give you a list. This list is a compilation of all that needs to be done at my house currently. Some of the items on the list can wait a few years while some are more immediate. Some items are small and some will be big undertakings. Regardless, this is the reality of home ownership that I am living with and, although it seems overwhelming at first, it really could be worse.

So without further ado, here is The List:

·         Repair sagging floor in hallway by installing pier in crawl space (This may sound bad but you can hardly even tell the floor is sagging unless you look really closely—in other words this is not a huge deal. Nevertheless I don’t want it to get worse so it’s gonna be fixed before the year is out.)

·         Finish painting trim in hallway, kitchen, and living room

·         Clean gutters and possibly replace (for whatever reason, the geniuses who put in the new roof decided to cover the gutters with the asphalt shingles so now I either have to cut the shingles or buy wider gutters)

·         Add insulation to attic

·         Lay plywood on the floor in attic for added storage

·         Clean up backyard and front yard (This will be a MAJOR undertaking. I think my yard has about 5 years’ worth of leaves covering the ground and there is absolutely no grass growing in the backyard as a result. Plus there are branches and weeds everywhere. Ugh.)

·         Replace water heater with a tankless water heater (Right now the water heater is taking up some major space in my laundry room. I hope to install the tankless to allow more space as well as to get the tax credit the government is offering. The home inspector said my water heater is close to needing to be replaced anyways so I figure why not?)

·         Replace Furnace (one of those big items that will hopefully not need to be taken care of for at least another 5 years)

·         Replace A/C System (another big item that will hopefully not need to be taken care of for at least another 5 years)

·         Replace Mailbox and move closer to the driveway

·         Add second coat of paint to exterior of house (the rush-job to paint the house before closing was just that and if you look closely the painters missed a bunch of spots)

·         Paint dressers in guest room

·         Hang pictures/art on walls

·         Organize laundry room

·         Organize office

·         Buy rugs for dining room and living room

Not so bad right? It may sound crazy but I actually enjoy the fact that I have a to-do list. Maybe it’s just the “honeymoon phase” I am having with the house right now or maybe I am really insane. Either way I guess I should enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

And just because I know everyone loves pictures, here is one of my backyard so you can better understand what I am going to be dealing with:

And yet somehow I don't think this picture does the yard justice...it's really that bad.

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