Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Monthly Dose of Etsy Courtesy of Yours Truly

It's time for some Etsy love! A couple of weekends ago I went to this Indie Craft Festival that is held a few times a year in West End Atlanta. The festival is lots of fun--it's held in an old Warehouse and they usually have music, drinks,a photo booth, and plenty of cool arts and crafts. Last fall was my first time attending and I went with some of my girlfriends. This last time Erik was kind enough to accompany me (in my defense the place really isnt that big and maybe takes an hour to walk through--it wasn't like one of those endless craft festivals) and waited patiently as I oohed and ahhed over jewelry, pottery, soaps and hand made baby clothes. Although there were many things I would have loved to have taken home with me, I ended up with only one item which Erik purchased for me (so sweet)--a necklace that I absolutely adored.

The Infinity Necklace Erik bought me
The necklace came with a business card for the shop which is called Foamy Wader. I decided to look them up on Etsy and lo and behold found them with no trouble. They have many, many, pretty things but here are some personal favorites that I wanted to share:

These are the "Lady Godiva" earrings

 I like to think I am like this "Golden Fleece" necklace--pretty and delicate but with a little added fire : )

What can I say? This necklace appeals to the Irish in me

Beautiful, right? And the prices aren't too bad either. If you want to check out Foamy Wader's Etsy store click here. If you live in the Atlanta area and want to know more about the Indie Craft Experience festivals click here.

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