Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lawn Mower Days

This past weekend I accomplished another homeowner first: I bought my first lawn mower. With the rain we got early last month and the hot, hot, weather we are getting now in the ATL the grass was going nuts and I figured I had better go ahead and bite the bullet and get things under control. So last Friday night Erik and I headed to Lowe’s to pick one up. I found there were really only 2 big decisions I needed to make when choosing a lawn mower: price and style. I knew I wanted to keep things as close to $200 or less as possible and as it turns out there were some decent options in that range. The next question I had to answer was what style lawn mower to purchase. At Lowe's they had the old school reel mowers like this:

 Electric mowers (the kind you plug in) like this:

And gas powered mowers like this:

Even though my yard isn't that big and I probably could've survived with the simple old-school reel mower (at $99 the price was hard to beat),  I decided to go with a gas powered mower with a bag that would mulch as it mowed. I figured for $100 more it would be better for the grass and less work to have to try and bag up grass clippings afterwards. Thankfully that was the end of my decisions because there was only one of these mowers available in my price range, a Troy Built, so Erik and I loaded her up into the car and took her home hoping she would get the job done.

On Saturday morning Erik and I both woke up early and he very graciously offered to mow the lawn while I headed off to the gym to get in a quick workout (have I mentioned what a lucky girl I am?). By the time I got home he had both the front and back yards finished and they looked great. He said the mower worked well too which was a big relief to me.

So although there is still much more work to be done with the yard (Im pretty sure all Erik cut in the backyard were weeds and very little grass) I'm glad to at least have this one hurdle behind me (aka purchasing the lawn mower). And while it was phenomenal to have Erik there to do the hard work for me this time, I guess I should probably suck it up next time and at least learn to use the mower myself--you know, woman power and all that stuff. : )

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