Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cat’s Outta the [Closet]

Last week I wrote about my fantastic Memorial Day weekend—lazing by a pool, getting out of the city for a few days, a wedding, etc, etc. However, I purposely left out one story that put a little damper on all my vacation bliss. I left out the story for a couple of reasons: 1) I didn’t want to look bad to all you readers and 2) I felt terribly guilty and about what went down. So after that introduction I’m guessing you all are dying to know what happened so today I’m coming clean.

The short story: In the process of hurriedly trying to get out of the house for the wedding at 7 am on Saturday morning I accidentally locked one of my cats in my guest room closet where the poor girl was trapped for almost 3 days before being rescued by a good friend. Naturally, the poor thing had to go to the bathroom while she was in there which resulted in me having to clean out the entire closet when I got home and spend $117 on a dry cleaning bill. Ouch.

The Long Story (if you care to read on): My cat Jezebel is notorious for hiding in closets, under sheets and blankets, behind pillows—wherever she can find that it is likely no one can see her. This is not the first time she has been accidentally trapped in a closet (albeit the other few times it was only for the 8 hours or so I was at work) so you would think she would eventually learn her lesson and stay away from the closets. But no. The little stinker continues to sneak in when nobody is looking and doesn’t make a peep when she sees you coming to close that door.

Exhibit A: Jezebel "hiding"

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Needless to say when I was in a rush to leave on Saturday morning for the wedding I didn’t even notice her sneaky little kitty body curled up in the closet nor did it even cross my mind to check if she might be in there—after all I had just fed both cats breakfast so I naturally thought they were both out roaming or lounging in my bedroom (which is where they usually spend the day). Erik and I’s plans to stay at his parents over the weekend were kind of last minute and I wasn’t expecting to spend the full 3 days there but I put out plenty of food for the cats just in case. Cats are easy like that—leave out some food, water, and fresh litter and they are good to go for a couple of days.

However, when we decided to stay the whole day on Monday I called my friend David to see if he could stop by the house (he lives in the ‘hood) to check on my babies because I was worried about them. I just felt something might be wrong (ah that woman’s intuition!). Naturally, I was horrified when I got a text message from him a little while later informing me of Jezebel’s imprisonment. Even though he said she was okay I still felt terrible. What kind of mother was I? I tried not to worry about it too much for the rest of the day (after all she wasn’t trapped anymore and was getting plenty of food and water) but I was anxious to get home. I hoped she wouldn’t be too mad at me

Luckily when I got home she was her usual cuddly self and even though she forgave me of my oversight I think she got me back in her own way with the ridiculous amount of money I had to spend to get the urine smell out of several nice dresses that had been hanging in the closet (let’s see if you’ll ever accidentally lock me in the closet again mom!). So yeah, needless to say I learned my lesson: always check the closets before going out of town.

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