Thursday, July 14, 2011

Airstream Dreamin'

I was talking with my friend Monique at work the other day about house projects and what I should do with my backyard.

My canvas
At this stage in the game I am still in dream mode--if I had a decent amount of money what exactly would I want in my backyard? Here is the short list so far:

1. A patio space. It would be difficult to build a deck onto the back of the house because of the layout (I don't have a kitchen or dining/living room off the back of the house) so a patio is gonna be the way to go I think.
2. A grilling area
3. A grassy area--for playing, pets, etc
4. Perhaps an extended driveway so I don't have to fear the Parking Nazi every time I have guests
5. A garden area--obviously where I will "attempt" to garden
6. A larger shed for storage

After discussing with Monique, I have something else to add to that wish list now--an Airstream Trailer. Don't laugh yet. I mean can you picture one of these babies as a little guest house or an office or a studio space??

Well, if you can't see it maybe some of these pictures will help (all images I found on Google or Pinterest):

Pretty darn awesome right? Not to mention cheaper than an addition on the house (I did some research and there are retro airstreams for sale for about $4,000-5,000 that just need a little remodeling).

There is only one little snafu in my dream that Erik brought up to me last night when I shared my revelation. How the heck am I going to get a 31 foot or even 16 foot trailer up my narrow driveway and into the backyard?

<insert image of my trying to come up with a solution to this question>

Where there's a will there's a way????

Hmph. Well the reality is I don't have $5K to buy an airstream let alone money to refurbish one so it's going to stay on the dream list for right now and if Erik's right then maybe permanently. You have to admit, it is a fun thought though. A girl can dream...

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