Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yard Update

Annnnnnd I'm back.

After a much needed vacation to the beach last week with two of my best girls I am back to the grind and back to blogging. Before I left for vacation I was in complete overdrive getting the house in order before the baby shower. One of the tasks I accomplished was hiring a lawn company to come and clean out my backyard--essentially removing all the tree, construction, leaf, and weed debris left after some years of neglect. The company I used was very reasonable (in my opinion). They charged me $325 for the clean-up which included hauling away the debris and they also offered to clean my gutters. Heck yeah!

 Of course in the process of cleaning my gutters they realized that they were chock full of dirt (again a result of neglect) and that the old guards just weren't doing their job. So they told me I would need to have new gutter guards installed for a price of $385. I was told by family and friends this was a decent price so I said okay because after all, cleaning the gutters was on my to-do list. Might as well knock it out.

Back Yard Before
Back Yard After
New Gutters!!
Long story short I came home to new gutters and a clean back yard and for a small price I can relax in knowing that I will not have to be breaking my back hauling a million yard bags to the curb for the next few weekends. Bliss!

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  1. Wow! They really did a good job cleaning your yard. And you even got yourself a new gutters? That's great! That reminds me, I can't remember when I last cleaned my gutters! Guess, I'll clean it ASAP.

    Anthony Blommel