Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Roomies

After looking over some of my previous blog posts I have realized (gasp!) that I have yet to introduce the other two residents of chez Ashley. So, without further ado, I introduce you to my two babies Zeke and Jezebel—my sweet, sweet kitties.

Jezebel is 9 years old this month and was a rescue from a church I worked at one summer while I was in college. When she was brought to me she was tiny (only about 6 weeks old) and had a busted lip and an upper respiratory infection. She was so pitiful and no one would take her in. I decided she should come spend the night with me and she never left.


Zeke will turn 6 this October and I also got him as a rescue from the Humane Society in Athens, GA when I was in grad school. Jezebel was a lonely little girl (she was used to living with 2 other cats when I decided to take her with me to grad school) and I decided she needed a companion. From what I understand, Zeke and his brother were brought to the Humane Society as feral kittens who were a little on the rough side. Zeke was seen as more “adoptable” (which I guess in Humane Society lingo means more apt to be tamed) than his brother so his brother was euthanized. The staff at the Humane Society worked with Z and when I strolled in one Saturday he couldn’t have been a sweeter and cuddlier kitten. And, even though Jezebel wasn’t too sure about the new addition they soon became good friends.


So that’s the background on my two roomies. If you know me you know that I have a huge soft spot for rescuing animals. Z and J were not the first animals I brought home and they have not been the last. Just check out these sweet little guys I (literally) found on my doorstep back in 2009:

It was very hard to not add them to my family but 4 cats would’ve been way too much (crazy cat lady anyone?) so I found good homes for them instead. Since I’ve moved people have been telling me I need to get a dog and I admit I have a decent house for a sweet pup and it would be good security...however, I have never owned a dog and am not sure how Z and J would take to a new addition right now. It’s definitely on the books for consideration in the future but for now I think Z and J deserve some time alone to get settled into their new home. Oh, and me too of course.

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