Friday, September 16, 2011

Today I'd Rather Be...


"Here" is Isle of Palms, S.C--the beach my family has been visiting for many, many years. In fact, we love this beach so much that my grandparents decided to buy a beach house here about 25 years ago. I was little, but I remember the excitement of having an actual house to visit and the thrill of knowing my family owned a little piece of an island.

Our beach house

Throughout the years I've seen the island change and the city just across the bridge (Mount Pleasant) grow into a popular tourist retreat because its right in between the beach and Charleston. I remember when there was only one way to get onto the island--an old school draw bridge--and how it took a beating when hurricane Hugo tore through South Carolina in 1989 (thankfully our little beach house was spared, and along with some other minor damage only lost a portion of the roof).

The whole fam circa 1987-1988
I remember taking trips every summer no matter where we lived, often meeting up with my other set of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (who made the drive from Kansas City). I loved these summers because we so rarely saw the KC family and they always made everything so fun. I remember taking trips to the old Slave Market in downtown Charleston, visiting the Yorktown submarine (and the Hunley when it was discovered), taking sunset cruises on the intercoastal waterway, playing card games into the night, and of course having at least one big shrimp boil. I remember the many times we had to board up the beach house and "evacuate" due to a tropical storm or hurricane and how much fun it was to go down to the beach and let the wind whip our hair and the water knock us down.

My brother and I--we look so innocent but don't be fooled
With the KC grandparents
My brother and I with our mom (this looks like about '98 or '99)
My sister and I looking hot in 2004
I remember taking friends for weekend trips and spring break getaways in college, and then later bringing a special boyfriend or friend along for family vacations (which I'm sure they loved but only because they wanted to be with me--hehe).

The beach is my retreat both mentally and physically. It's the place I think about when I am anxious or stressed out, but also the place I know I can always run away to if I need to get out of town for awhile. It reminds me of my family who I constantly miss and all of the past summers we spent together laughing and having fun. I'm so lucky that my family has this special place and I hope that someday my kids will get to create memories there with their aunts, uncles. cousins, and grandparents.

Nephew Regan's first time on the beach

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