Sunday, September 11, 2011


Like everyone else in America I am sitting watching the TV and remembering the events of September 11, 2001. I can't believe it has already been 10 years.

10 years ago I had just started my sophomore year at Mercer University. Tuesday, September 11, I woke up early to make it to an 8 am class (a religion class studying the New Testament with Professor Wilson). Class went by as normal and I remember being excited that we got out early--I was tired and wanted to take a nap before my afternoon classes. I left the classroom and headed over to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat before heading back to my room in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. The Mercer cafeteria had TV's which were on all the time but there was no sound. I remember glancing up and seeing a skyscraper burning and thinking "Oh man. That really sucks." I am ashamed to admit that I didn't recognize that the building was one of the twin towers and since there was no sound I had no way of knowing what caused the fire--for all I know it just looked like a really bad accident.  Today I wish that I would have gone back to my room, turned on the TV, and gotten more information but since I didn't realize the significance my desire to sleep trumped any curiosity I might have had. So off I went to curl up and go to bed.

The next thing I knew one of my sorority sisters was waking me up saying, "Ashley, we're under a terrorist attack." I jumped out of bed and ran to the common room to watch on TV with the rest of my sisters as both the Twin Towers collapsed. I was shocked and stunned. Surely this wasn't happening. It was so surreal.

The University cancelled classes for the rest of the day and students gathered in groups to mourn the terrible loss of life and the great tragedy that had befallen the country. I remember the day as being very somber and sobering.

Seeing the coverage today still makes me tear up. I can't imagine how it must have felt to have lost a family member or friend to the greed of heartless terrorists. I hope those people can find some comfort in the fact that we all grieve with them and know they aren't alone.

Although I don't necessarily support the idea of war or all of the politics that transpired directly after the attacks, I appreciate those men and women who have fought and given their lives to protect our country. I don't understand the logic of terrorists or why men like Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein felt the the need to take innocent lives to push a certain agenda. It's sick and I feel so sorry for those who continue to be brain washed into believing they are dying to serve some greater good.

Today I remember with the rest of the country and mourn for those who gave their lives. I continue to wish for peace, believe in the good in people, and hope that someday we can find a way to not hurt each other out of spite or greed or hatred.

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